We are off to Buffalo in May.

I had really never planned on teaching the clearing techniques that I have learned over the last 10 or 12 years. In fact, I had not planned on doing this type of work for a living at all, let alone holding workshops. I got started teaching others to do what I do when several years ago a client who had their home cleared, kept seeing spirits around them and asked if I could teach them to do their own clearing when spirits came into their awareness. This person convinced me to hold a class to share what I had learned.

Well, my first weekend workshop was very interesting, a little disorganized, and somewhat rudimentary. There were 8 people and once we had gone through introductions, I felt as though I should be sitting and listening to them. I felt honored that such gifted energy healers in their own rights would come to learn from me.

Over the last several years of conducting many classes and workshops, I have certainly become more organized and cover a broader range of information. Each live, in-person workshop has an energy of its own built from the combined intentionality of the participants, and we attempt to support that flow and still be sure to cover the information that is required.

Energy ClearingEach person who attends a class or workshop brings to it their own energy and unique abilities. In the class we work with them to create a foundation through which to use their abilities in a functional way by clearing their energy fields. Once they are comfortable with the foundation, they can expand into their individual abilities and develop their own way of working with energies.

Because of personal challenges, I haven’t offered many classes in the last couple of years. However, we are excited and looking forward to conducting a 3-day workshop in Buffalo, New York, on the weekend of May 20 to 22, starting on Friday morning. In this workshop we will share how to clear your own energy field, the energy fields of family, friends and others, conduct distance clearings, and so much more. All of the details are on our web site at: https://healinghauntedhouses.com/products-services/courses-workshops/

My goal in offering these workshops is to help people to become self sufficient in clearing their own energy field and that of their home and have them help others to clear their energy fields. In this way we can empower more people to look after their own well-being by keeping their energy field clear.

If you can, please join us in Buffalo, for some fun and learning.

Much love,
Michael (The Ghost Guy) Rowland

The Ghost Guy