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Having emotional or physical problems for no apparent reason?

Find healing by eliminating negative energetic influences.

Did you know that ghosts, spirits, entities—even supernatural energies—can attach themselves to a place, home or even a person? This can have a disastrous effect on the health and welfare of the “host,” wreaking havoc on all areas of their life.

Do you experience…

  • The feeling that you are being watched by someone unseen?
  • Lights going on and off; things moving around on their own; or doors opening by themselves?
  • The awareness of a ghost, entity or other supernatural presence around you?
  • Other unusual activities, experiences or noises in your home?

You might be experiencing the effects of attached negative energies, entities, ghosts, or spirits.

Or, do you have…

  • Unexplained irritability, tension, or anger?
  • Undue anxiety and stress?
  • A feeling of overwhelm or burnout?
  • Feelings of exhaustion or low energy for no reason?
  • Physical pain, headaches with no explanation?
  • Recurring nightmares?
  • An overall sense of unease or negativity?
  • The feeling like you can’t move forward in your life, no matter how hard you try?
  • Or, other unexplained malady…

Improve and Protect Your Energetic Health

Use these powerful energy healing programs & services.


Help to prevent negative energies with these easy tools.

Through our downloadable guides and audios, we lead you through a series of practices that will help you prevent negative energies and negative spirits or entities from attaching to you and your home.

Our downloadable Guides and Audios include:

  • Setting Sacred Space And Protection
  • Releasing Negative Thought Patterns & Beliefs
  • Increasing Your Vibrational Frequency
  • Energetically Owning Your Space


Lisa conducts personalized clearing sessions remotely.

If a negative energetic influence is disturbing you, we can arrange a personalized remote clearing session. The result is a report of what energies were removed, and how they might have affected you.

Each personalized clearing includes:

  • Your property
  • Your house along with any other structures on the property
  • All furniture and possessions
  • Your own personal energy field and those people living in the home


If you’re not sure whether you are living with ghosts, spirits, entities, or other supernatural energies, we can provide you with a FREE evaluation. There is no reason to purchase a clearing session if nothing is there that needs to be removed.

Do you believe you are being affected negatively by ghosts or something energetic? Are you experiencing disturbed emotions, or negative thoughts toxic to your well-being?

If this sounds familiar, you can fill out the "FREE" Evaluation form here and we will perform a thorough check of your house, yourself and any family members living with you for energetic cords, ghosts, spirits, or supernatural entities and energies. Once we’re finished, we will send you a report of what, if anything, we have found, if anything.

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About Lisa

Internationally known and respected for their energy work.

Lisa works to bring peace, harmony, and well-being to those she serves. With over a decade of energy healing experience, she brings a unique perspective to clearing negative energetic influences and supernatural entities that impact a person, their home, property, and their business. She is able to restore health, harmony and well-being to those in need, all over North America and the globe.

Healing Haunted Houses is internationally known and well-respected for their healing work in energy clearing and has made numerous guest appearances on TV, radio and the Internet and has been featured in several major newspapers.